The Movement

Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO)

We are a young and dynamic movement of university students and lay missionaries present on university campuses across Canada. Every day on university campuses, we proclaim the message of Jesus Christ in a clear and simple way with a constant emphasis on building leaders for the renewal of our world!

Our threefold purpose on campus is to proclaim, equip, and commission. We employ a multiplication model of ministry. Like Jesus did, we can share our life and faith with a few so that they are equipped to share their own life and faith with many others. We proclaim Christ to students, equip them to be mature Christians, and then commission them to proclaim Christ to and equip others.

Our programs aim to present the Gospel to university students in a clear and simple way so that they can discover how much they are loved by Christ and how He is relevant in their lives. We also hope to equip students with the necessary disposition, skills, and knowledge to become mission-ready witnesses of the Gospel.

Our programs include:

  • Weekly on-campus faith study groups
  • One-on-one ministry and leadership training
  • On-campus large group meetings, teachings, and training
  • Retreats and conferences
  • Practical leadership and ministry opportunities
  • Youth outreaches
  • Overseas and domestic mission projects
  • Summer faith sharing groups
  • Sports, recreation, and socials

Our programs are developed primarily but not exclusively for university students. They are also open to all people regardless of their faith background or experience with the Catholic Church.

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