Hike at Barrier Lake (July 6th)

  • What: Hike at Barrier Lake
  • When: Saturday - July 6th
  • Where: Barrier Lake

9:00am: Meet up at St. Bernard's

10:30am: Arrival at Barrier Lake for hiking

On Saturday, July 6th, UCCC will be having a hike+lunch at Barrier Lake. Carpooling will be available, as well as a google doc for those who would like to give rides or volunteer to bring food.


Some reminders for people:

-It will be a hike so dress comfortably

-Bring mosquito repellent

-Bring sunscreen

-Bring lots of water

-Bring a camera because it's beautiful

-Ask for a ride if you need one!

-You can most definitely invite other friends to come too!