Student Council 2010

Chairperson - Sam Flynn

The UCCC is very lucky to have Sam as the chair of the community. He is musically gifted and plays the guitar, and recently the drums. He has also attempted playing the noseflute but it didn't go very well.... however, his noseflute mentor knows that Sam can accomplish anything he sets his mind to. Sam has 3 brothers and 7 sisters, which must be why he can relate well to anyone and is such a good friend. One day Samuel will become an accountant or a photographer or a chocolate connoisseur!

Vice Chairperson - Cheryl Croteau

“Cher-all- Share all her inspirations, always offering laugh[ter], wholly, gloriously touched by God’s deepest Love. Understanding of truth and of reality.”-Allene Goehner Oct 2008, [My very first impression of Cheryl. I wrote this after briefly meeting/listening to her at the 2008 fall retreat. (Im not sure I had even talked to her yet!)]

Cheryl entered the community three years ago and has been actively involved in various ways. Most notably the music ministry. This year, a pillar to the community, Cheryl stands as Co-Executive Council Member and Music Director.

Involved in ministry in many ways, much of Cheryl’s faith formation and foundations were laid while attending JP2 bible school in Hinton, AB. 4 years ago. Living in community, Cheryl discovered scripture, developed friendships and built upon her love for Christ.

Cheryl has a younger brother, and a younger sister who is actively involved in her church community in Saskatchewan.

An avid apostle of Christ, Cheryl thrills at connecting individually with others in conversation, while uniting others in solidarity and community as well. This is evident through her numerous outreach efforts which extend, but are not limited to, St. Pius Catholic community; Calgary Christian Focolare community (where she organizes and participates in support groups, bible studies, fellowship and fundraising events around Calgary. This group is geared toward the mission of uniting people of all nations and faiths); Catholic Christian Outreach initiative (CCO); leading praise and worship at numerous churches including St. Lukes and St. Pius.

Cheryl’s passion for Christ is eminent through her words, good works, and her willingness to share her gifts; especially that of music. She has discovered a way to combine her talent of music and her passion for spreading God’s word in a unique fashion that distinctly emits her love for Christ.

By focusing her efforts on increasing her prayer life, Cheryl works to build her understanding of the Truth, Light and Love of Jesus each day. She seeks to explore these truths further through her music, placing her trust fully in God to care for her, being wholly present in each moment and treating each moment as a gift.

Healer, mentor, moderator, teacher, loving friend and guide, Cheryl is a true Leader, a genuine giver, and true apostle of Christ. Cheryl works continuously to build God’s kingdom of heaven here on earth.

If Cheryl had one wish it would be to light the world (and the heart of every soul) on fire for the love of Christ.

If Cheryl had one message to send, it would be this:

LIVE OUT HIS LOVE! in every moment, in every step you take.

Liturgical Coordinator - Eden d'Souza

Social Justice - Luis Garcia

Social Events - Claire Pereira

Did you know that Goa exports cashews, rice, coconuts and our lovely social events coordinator Claire? That's right, she was born in India and has lived in several other exotic locals before moving to Calgary. She has finished her first degree in Bio-science and is currently working on a social work degree. She and Emily rock our socks off with their awesome parties, dances and bbq's! Go Claire!

Social Events - Emily Bontje

One half of our amazing social events coordination team, Emily is well suited for the job. Her friendly, enthusiastic personality make events fun to attend and she always comes up with great ideas getting everyone to have a good time. She is a business and music student at the University of Calgary and also spends lots of time making delicious cappuccinos and lattes over at Starbucks. Emily’s lovely voice has led her to serve as one of our musical coordinators in the past, and this experience will help her in her current position on council. Emily is also a very talented actress. We are very lucky to have this wonderful woman give time from her always busy schedule to serve our community this year.

Campus Coordinator - Amy Crofts

Amy is 50% Asian, 50% Caucasian, and 100% Awesome! Her smarts have taken her to the U of C where she is studying bioscience with an interest in pharmaceuticals. She also writes the odd freelance journalistic piece. Her kind heart has gotten her the role of social justice coordinator for the UCCC, and she has lots of experience in working for others! Amy has been to Peru to help build a school for the kids there. She also gives her time to an organization called Birth Companions which helps young expectant mothers. So you see, Amy = Awesome!

Residence Representative - Kathleen Szymanek

Spiritual Development - Ania Biernacki

Ania was born in Italy, but is actually Polish. She is in her third year of Dance at the U of C. Apart from being Campus Coordinator, Ania enjoys performing her art in various shows throughout the course of the year, traveling to faraway lands, and being involved in many different cultural activities (her knowledge of world culture is stellar!). Also, her skills on the Nose Flute have landed her a spot in a Nose Flute Ensemble. The UCCC is blessed to have Ania as part of the Community!

Spiritual Development - Allie Goehner

Allene is in her 4th year of nursing at the University of Calgary. She is full of life, is very creative and will always bring a smile to your face when your down. Allene is very active and loves to run. Exercise is something that gives her strength and joy for each day. She loves to dance, act and have a great time with people. One of her dreams is to go on a mission trip as a nurse in a developing country. She will no doubt leave a lasting joyful effect on all those she encounters! Allene is our Hospitality coordinator and brings a smile to everyone who visits our community events. Make sure to find her at the next event!

Hospitality - Chinedu Okoli