Student Council 2013

President - Tom Boston

  • He is an Avionics Technician at Rocky Mountain Aircraft
  • Hometown: Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
  • He enjoys playing basketball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, tennis, and baseball, and one of his favourite pastimes is playing the guitar
  • In July 2013 he had the opportunity to travel to Brazil for World Youth Day
  • He is inspired by Pope Francis because of his welcoming and accepting characteristics
  • Tom loves two-stepping!

Vice President - Maria LeeWah

  • In her third year of Nursing at the University of Calgary
  • This is her third year in the community as well
  • Originally from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean
  • In her free time she loves to go fishing, play the drums, go for walks, and spend time with her family. She also enjoys eating ;)
  • Her favorite things about the Catholic faith are praying to Mary our Mother, and celebrating mass
  • She has a pet chinchilla

Social Justice - Lydia Shives

Social Justice - Kirsten Barrett

  • Kirsten is a third year nursing student at the University of Calgary
  • This is her second year on council and has been in the community for 3 years.
  • She loves to reach out and make people feel like they belong. She has a very bubbly and inviting personality that makes her very easy to talk to.
  • In her spare time Kirsten enjoys spending time outdoors and spending time with her family and friends, as well as getting up to shenanigans with her roommate(s)
  • Kirsten hates sharks and moths.

Social Events - Santiago Torres

Social Events - Ana Maria Torres

  • She is in her third year of Civil Engineering at the University of Calgary.
  • Originally from Columbia (Bogota) and came to Canada when she was 13.
  • She has one brother and one sister
  • In her spare time, Ana Maria likes art, painting, watching movies with friends, and listening to music.

Campus Coordinator - Jenny Schneider

  • In her fourth year of business in Accounting at the University of Calgary
  • From Rocky View county, Alberta
  • In her spare time Jenny likes to sing, bake, play board games, biking, tennis, long walks, and hanging out with friends and family.
  • She is a Doctor Who fan
  • One of her favorite things about the faith is attending adoration
  • Jenny and her family loves olives so much, that they tend to fight over them

Campus Coordinator - Kasia Pietrzak

  • In her third year of nursing at the University of Calgary
  • Hopes to be in the ICU or ER in the future.
  • She is Polish and can speak Polish fluently
  • In her spare time she loves to go skiing, hiking, bike riding and enjoys the Great Outdoors. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends.
  • Kasia has traveled all over Europe, and to South America. She would like to someday travel to New Zealand and Patagonia.
  • Faith is the anchor in Kasia's life, and it helps her make sense of life. Her faith makes her feel loved and is a source of joy for her. Having a personal relationship with Jesus is incredible for Kasia.
  • Kasia plays the guitar and has a lovely singing voice.

Spiritual Coordinator - Marie DeCock

  • Marie is a third year Zoology Student at the University of Calgary
  • She is from the small windy town of Pincher Creek, Alberta
  • When Marie isn't busy studying, she likes to play sports like basketball, volleyball, and bowling, watch movies, hang out with friends and family, and get up to shenanigans with her roommate(s)
  • Her favorite thing about the faith is being able to celebrate the mass every week with Jesus.
  • Marie is terrified of crows.

Spiritual Coordinator - Robyn Leussink

  • Robyn is a third year nursing student at the University of Calgary
  • She is from Sundre, Alberta
  • Her favorite things to do in her spare time are snowboarding, horseback riding, and hiking.
  • She has been to Nicaragua on a mission trip, and would someday like to travel to Iceland and South America
  • "Faith is like the rock of my life...everything else is built on that. Without faith I would be lost."
  • Saint role model is Teresa of Avila
  • Robyn enjoys having a community in faith
  • Robyn is an Auntie of 2 nieces and 3 nephews

Hospitality - Thomas Oswell

  • Has a BSC degree in Chemical Engineering and a MSC in Chemical Engineering
  • Thomas' hobbies are reading, fishing, and playing the piano.
  • He has traveled to Australia and New Zealand.
  • His favorite things about the church are the community and God.
  • His favorite experience with the UCCC has been the retreats and being able to spend time with the priests on an intimate and more personal level.

Liturgical Coordinator - Aly de Bruijn

  • Administrative Assistant from Calgary
  • Involved with UCCC for one year
  • In her spare time she enjoys photo manipulation/editing and photography
  • Loves praying in Latin
  • Aly has a big heart for the lost, especially those involved in the occult.
  • She is very observant and affirming of others
  • Her last name is Dutch, though she is not. She is afraid of spiders and has a cute Sheltie dog.

Music Coordinator - Sarah Buckham

Campus Coordinator - Brian Tejada

  • Taking Latin America Studies at the University of Calgary.
  • Born and raised in Calgary
  • Brian was born and raised a Catholic
  • He loves animals but has none of his own

Communications Coordinator - Andrew Pittman

  • Andrew is in his third year at the University of Calgary studying Natural Sciences. He is hoping to get into the Geology program.
  • He is originally from the small, windy town of Pincher Creek, Alberta
  • Andrew really enjoys having a catholic community where he can enjoy the presence and fellowship of other young Catholics.
  • In his spare time, he loves to go fishing and play sports like basketball, volleyball, soccer and squash.
  • He has traveled to London, England and Paris, France.
  • Andrew has played the drums for 5 or so years and plays for the CCO worship band at cornerstone events. He also plays guitar and bass guitar.
  • He doesn't like pickles.

Council Adviser - Eden D'Souza