Easter Vigil (Apr. 20th)

  • What: Easter Vigil
  • When: Saturday - April 20th
  • Time: 9:30PM - 12:30AM
  • Where: Our Lady of Assumption Parish, 7624 39 Ave NW, Calgary, Alberta T3B 1X3

"O truly blessed night,

worthy alone to know the time and hour

when Christ rose from the underworld!"

(from the Exsultet, sung at the beginning of Easter Vigil)

Saturday marks the culmination of the Holy Triduum in a most solemn fashion. Easter Vigil, the Vigil of all vigils, will be celebrated at 9:30 PM, Saturday, April 20th at Our Lady of Assumption Parish.

It is also on this most holy night that several Elect from RCIA will be baptized and be fully received into the Catholic Church, as well as several Candidates who will receive Confirmation and/or First Holy Communion, along with the Elect.