UCCC Faith Seminar: Theology of the Body (Feb. 13th)

  • What: UCCC Faith Seminar Series 2
  • Series Topic: Theology of the Body - The Spirit of the Age: The Cultural, Historic and Prophetic Context that Demanded a Theology of the Body
  • Who: Adam Soos
  • Where: Large Prayer Room (MSC 317)
  • When: Wednesday, February 13th 2019 @ 5:30PM

We are honoured and privileged to be able to have Adam Soos, organizer of the 2019 Calgary Theology of the Body conference, come speak to us on the mysteries of the body, sexuality, and marriage revealed in the Theology of the Body. The Theology of the Body is St. John Paul II’s first major teaching project as pope. It is a grand proposal to the world of the deepest meaning of life and love made visible in the body.

Adam Soos is the Children, Youth, and Young Adult Ministry Coordinator at St. Bonaventure Parish. He brings a ton of experience from being a social worker, going on mission trips, and his involvement with the pro-life organization National Right to Life Committee. Adam also has an interest in political science.

Adam is organizing the Theology of the Body conference held by the Diocese of Calgary from March 8-9. This faith seminar series will be an excellent way to prepare our hearts, minds, and ears for this remarkable conference.