10 Myths about Porn with Matt Fradd

Post date: Mar 25, 2011 10:15:29 PM

What: Talk about the effect of pornography

When: Sunday April 10th at 8pm (right after mass)

Where: St.Pius X Church Hall

Pornography is very often portrayed as healthy adult entertainment for well-rounded adults. Matt Fradd, founder of The Porn Effect, disagrees and will be exposing 10 popular myths about porn while offering us 5 practical strategies we must implement to batle porn in our homes, communities and lives.** Please note: This is NOT a support group for those struggling! This event is for EVERYONE, young and old!Matthew Fradd has been heard or seen on the BBC, EWTN, The Irish Morning Show, and Catholic Answers Live, and he continues to share his personal story of addiction, redemption, and healing to people all over the world.

Matthew Fradd is passionate, Australian, and decidedly Catholic. Ever since experiencing a profound conversion at WYD in Rome in 2000, Matthew has wholeheartedly proclaimed the Gospel and invited others to know Jesus Christ and the Church He founded. Several years ago, Matthew served as a missionary in both Canada and in Ireland, where he proclaimed the Gospel to more than ten thousand teens. He has since worked in full-time ministry in Texas, Ireland, and Canada, where he now lives with his Texan wife and their two children, Liam and Avila.

In recent years, Matthew has confronted our pornographic culture and has launched the website www.theporneffect.com. With patient understanding and yet with firm resolve, Matthew has pointed those who are addicted to or who have been wounded by pornography to the only source of true freedom and lasting healing: Jesus Christ and the Sacraments.