Progressive Supper - March 10th

Post date: Feb 28, 2012 6:46:53 PM

When: Saturday, March 10th @ 4:30pmWhere: Homes to be announced

The Progressive Supper is a deliciously fun evening of food, fellowship, and testimony sharing. The plan is to travel to three different homes for a course of a meal (appetizer, main course, dessert). At each location there will be a testimony shared by one of the students.

We will be meeting at St. Pius at 4:30 PM, then proceeding to a few houses then back to St. Pius for an evening program.

Please see the time line below:

4:30: Meet at St. Pius

5:00: Everyone in cars with maps to First House

6:00: Arrive at First House

7:00: Leave for Main Course at Second House

7:30: Start Main Course at Second House

8:45: Leave for St. Pius

9:30: Program begins at St. Pius with dessert

10:30: End of the evening...please feel free to hang around for fellowship!

If you have a vehicle and are willing to drive, please bring it to St. Pius.

See you there!! If you can, please bring a dessert dish to St. Pius to share.